Google Analytics Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard in Google Analytics

Just Released:  Google Analytics Social Media Dashboard

We are excited to announce our latest dashboard that will help social media managers, marketers, and more understand their traffic from social media networks.  Our Google Analytics social media dashboard will quickly get you up to speed on how well your social media efforts are translating into website traffic and which networks perform the best.

Our site is mobile responsive so you can check your dashboards at anytime and from any device.  In real time.

Check out select samples of the social media dashboards below.  We’ll help you answer the following questions and more.

  • Where is my traffic coming from?
  • What social media sites are sending me traffic?
  • How many sessions and users were driven by social media?
  • What social network had the highest bounce?
  • What countries are social media visitors from?
  • And many more!

Sign up today for a free trial.  No credit card required.


Social Media Dashboard: Traffic sources, which social networks, and sessions

Google Analytics Social Media Dashboard

Quickly understand the traffic sources from your website and then which social media networks are sending you traffic.  Then check out session activity based on the date range of your choice.


Social Media Dashboard: Sessions by country (interactive)

Google Analytics Social Media Sessions by Country

Use your mouse to zoom in and out of regions to understand what countries are sending you traffic. Use this to fine tune your ad campaigns.

Social Media Dashboard: Visits by network, bounce rates, goal completions

Social Media Dashboard Google Analytics

Now you can rank your best performing social media networks by sessions and goal completions and also see which network bounces the most.

Check all of your domains with an easy drop down menu

Social Drop Down Menu


Our Google Analytics social media dashboards will help you save time finding the most important data and save you from logging into Google Analytics and searching for the correct information.

Future releases will include dashboards by social media network (i.e Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for a more detailed understanding of your audience.

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